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Corporate Training: Developing High-Potential Employees for Leadership Roles
No successful organization would be possible if it didn’t develop its high-potential employees. Many experts define a high-potential employee as “someone who has the potential, ability, and aspiration to hold successive leadership positions in an organization.” Despite the relatively clear definition of a high-potential employee, there are still a few questions we need to answer. […]
Cooking at Home: 5 No-Fuss Ingredient Substitutions to Keep in Mind
Here’s a scenario many of us may be all too familiar with: You’ve been itching to try this new recipe you came across online. Now, you finally have the time to actually start cooking–but you suddenly realize that you’re out of sour cream! To make matters worse, you don’t have the time to go to […]
Tips from Advanced Pastry Classes in Manila: How to Pipe Like a Pro
It’s the little details that give your pastries that extra visual appeal. When executed correctly, rosettes of cream, kisses of ganache and handmade buttercream flowers easily take your sweet confection to another level. You’ve probably already learned the basics of piping pastries while taking basic pastry courses–but what about for when you want to take […]
Teaching English Abroad: Everything You Need to Know Before Applying
Has the thought of traveling the world and working abroad at the same time ever crossed your mind? It may seem like a stretch, but teaching English abroad can provide you that wonderful opportunity. Not only do you help struggling learners improve their English skills, but you can also benefit from the cultural exchange that […]
Event Management: Ideas to Help You Organize Green and Sustainable Events
Nowadays, “going green” goes beyond just the manufacturing and hospitality industries. Nearly every industry in the world can benefit from implementing sustainability initiatives, including the events planning and management industry. Planning an event with sustainability at the forefront may seem difficult, especially if this is the first time you’ve had to do this. Fortunately, there […]
How to Make The Most Out of French Classes and Learn Faster
Are you a beginner who wants to learn about the beautiful world of French? Intimated by the thought of taking French classes? French is definitely a popular choice among language-learning newbies. Whether you’re a first-time learner or a polyglot, we’ve got you covered with our handy tips to get you speaking French in no time
DIY Product Shoot Tips for Entrepreneurs
Eye-catching photographs are one of the keys to successful marketing. Having appealing photos and showing them to the right people can quickly boost sales from nothing to something substantial. From finding the right product shoot space to using the best lights and backgrounds, here are some pro-level tips you can try if you want to […]
The Five Main Career Advantages of Being Multilingual
If you are looking for ways to boost your career and give you an advantage over others in your field, you should definitely look into learning a foreign language or two. Here are some advantages that you can have in your career by enrolling in foreign language courses and becoming multilingual: A Cut Above the […]
Cooking 101: Simple Tips for Novice Home Cooks and Beginners
Everyone should know at least the basics of cooking like rice or pasta, making scrambled eggs or a simple stir-fry. After all, having a nice meal is important for good physical and mental health. If you have never cooked before, you shouldn’t have to feel ashamed about it. It’s never too late to learn how […]
The Five Essential Skills Every Hotel Manager Should Have
With the rapid growth of tourism, hospitality managers have been in high demand throughout the country to properly manage hotels and lead them to success. With so many Filipinos graduating with a major in hospitality every year (Top 10 most enrolled college courses in the Philippines), competition for those precious few hotel management can be […]
Simple Science Experiments that You and Your Kids Can Do At Home
Summer is often the time parents start enrolling their children in a variety of summer classes like sports camps or science courses for kids. Given the current situation as of the time of publishing, however, parents need to be creative when it comes to keeping their children busy and productive over the summer months. If […]
The Best Practices for Marketing Events of All Sizes on Facebook
Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool to promote your event and drive up attendance and sales. With so many companies and individuals using the social media platform, it can get competitive and difficult to gain the attention of Facebook’s billions of users. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do as an events […]
Six Industry Best Practices Pro Chefs Follow When Cooking Sous Vide
Sous vide, which translated from French means “under the vacuum”, is a long-term cooking method that cooks food sealed in a vacuum bag at precise cooking temperatures. This is to achieve specific textures and flavors. Not only is it an excellent cooking method, but it is also used for food preservation. Once a technique only […]
Four Pro-level Tips for Setting Up Your First Cooking Demo Recording
Based on research conducted by technology companies, the audience for online cooking shows and tutorials has increased by nearly 300 percent in just one year. Videos related to food are part of the top 10 most watched online videos, making it an avenue for many to get into. If you are a foodie or chef […]
Artisan Bread Recipes to Add to Your Baking Repertoire
Like many staple foods, bread brings great comfort. And when baked well, it brings significant joy and satisfaction to the person eating. Even more satisfaction to the baker! This is why many European countries take great pride in the breads they make and their artisan bakers. It is also why artisan baking courses or an […]