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Program Overview

Welcome to the Blended Learning Program (BLP) at Enderun Extension – an immersive and dynamic English as a Second Language (ESL) experience designed to empower language learners from all walks of life. The BLP offers a unique approach to language learning, combining the benefits of social group classes with personalized one-on-one sessions, all in a flexible monthly package.

Learn All You Can:
At the heart of the BLP lies the “learn all you can” philosophy. With unlimited access to our diverse range of social group classes, you have the freedom to attend as many sessions as you desire each month. Whether you’re looking to enhance your conversational skills, improve your business communication, or simply build your language confidence, the BLP has something for everyone.

Personalized Growth:
We understand that each language learner is unique, which is why we offer one 1:1 instructor-led session per week. This personalized approach allows you to work closely with our qualified instructors, focusing on your individual language goals and targeting specific areas of improvement. Whether you need extra practice in pronunciation, grammar, or vocabulary, our instructors are here to support your progress.

Flexibility for Your Busy Lifestyle:
Life can be demanding, and we believe language learning should be flexible to fit your schedule. With the BLP, you can design your learning journey around your commitments. Attend group classes in the morning, during lunch breaks, or after work. Schedule your 1:1 sessions at times that suit you best. With our rolling enrollment system, you can join the BLP at any time during the month, and your access will be valid for one month from the enrollment date.

A Vibrant Learning Community:
Experience a vibrant and inclusive learning community at Enderun Extension. Interact with like-minded language learners from diverse backgrounds, participate in engaging activities, and build lasting connections. Our expert instructors create an encouraging and supportive environment, where you can learn, grow, and thrive in your language journey.

Your Journey Starts Here:
Whether you are a working professional seeking career advancement, an international student adapting to a new environment, a diplomat engaging in diplomatic dialogue, or a former ESL camp student continuing your language progress, the BLP is your gateway to English language proficiency.

Course Description

This class has the primary goal of helping students achieve fluency and accuracy in English. It also prepares students to use English in a wide variety of academic and social contexts by encouraging them to speak and write about past and contemporary issues, discuss their thoughts and feelings in group discussions and most importantly apply the concepts they have acquired in their speech lessons through dynamic activities. Lastly, the participants will be asked to read about current events and listen for details and main ideas using authentic materials.

General English

Class Duration Tuition (Per Month)
1-2 months PHP 40,000
3-5 months PHP 30,000
6-8 months PHP 25,000
9-12 months PHP 20,000
Inclusions 1 - 2 Months 3 Months - 1 Year
Unlimited access to Social Group Class Packages
4 hours Validation One-on-One classes
Access to satellite facilities
Online coursework
Discounted rate for extra one-on-one sessions
Access to gym facilities
Partner restaurant discounts
Partner hotel accommodation discounts
*Rate does not include book fee, this will serve as a prerequisite to access the online coursework.
*Book fee varies from P6,000 to P8,700 depending on course.

Program Details

Open House Intakes

September 15, 22, 29
October 6, 13, 20, 27
November 3, 10, 17, 24
December 1, 15
January 12, 19, 26
February 2, 9, 16, 23
March 1, 8, 15
April 5, 12, 19, 26
May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31


Embark on a dynamic language learning journey with the Blended Learning Program (BLP) at Enderun Extension. Our innovative format combines onsite group classes and personalized one-on-one sessions, ensuring a well-rounded experience that caters to your unique needs. Additionally, we prioritize flexibility with online courseworks accessible on our digital platform. Complete them at your own pace and time, reinforcing classroom learning while enjoying the convenience that suits your schedule best.
Accepted Payment Methods
Master Card
BPI Online
Security Bank
Tuition Installment Plans via BillEase
Tuition Installment Plans via GGives
Verify your minimum and maximum spend requirement by regularly checking GGives in the GCash app before your purchase.
“I like studying in Enderun because they do many
dynamic programs. Kids like me should learn for future
development. I learned a lot of lessons from various stories.”
Lee Jeewon (Jennifer), South Korea

“I’m very glad to learn English in the Philippines. I’ve been studying here in Enderun for a month now. When I arrived here, I couldn’t understand when people talked because of my difficulty in English. I believe I will continue to improve my English.”
Chris Zeng, China

“I really want to learn English very well because I love English and I love talking to foreigners. I also want to be an English teacher someday. I’m so happy I came here.”
Aya Yamashita, Japan

“It’s not just English. It’s experiencing life in the Philippines.
We get to have interesting conversations about life, our beliefs, and our customs. It’s so nice”
America, Colombia

“The teachers are professional. They are very capable people. They are really dedicated to the course and the students; and they follow the curriculum that’s designed and customized especially for you so you can get better results.”
Victor, Brazil

“The people in Enderun help you feel comfortable. They listen to you and what you need and they take that to make you study and make learning fun. You wouldn’t feel like you’re studying ESL. They’ll help you and they’ll show you the way. All you have to do is follow the way.”
Willy, Cameroon

“Almost four weeks has passed since I came to Enderun.
I study every day and I get to hang out with friends,
so I’m having fun.”
Mao Kinoshita, Japan

“Enderun is a nice place for studying. The teachers are focused on each student. Also, the always smile and make me feel comfortable… I always thought that learning a new language isn’t only about the language but also the culture. Enderun taught be both.”
Shin Young Sol (David), South Korea

“I like studying in Enderun because the teachers and learning environment are very nice. I have learned that having confidence is the best way to be a good English speaker.”
Abdul, Saudi Arabia

“The program teaches us how to work in a team together. This program increased my vocabulary so much and improves my ability of public speaking. It’s a really nice experience.”
Maryna, Ukraine

“It’s a great way to practice English in every area– that would be speaking, listening, and writing. In the Public Speaking class, we get to practice English. Aside from getting a lot of practice, I have been able to meet people of different nationalities so it’s been a very mixed group. I’ve been learning about different cultures and I think that’s great!”
Caroline, Finland

“After the ESL class and Blended Learning Program, I can understand a little, step-by-step, what other people say. These kinds of classes helped me develop my English skills. For me, meeting different people is very interesting and knowing other people makes me very happy
Mhi Lil, Vietnam

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1. What is the Blended Learning Program (BLP) at Enderun Extension?
The Blended Learning Program (BLP) is an innovative English as a Second Language (ESL) class offered at Enderun Extension. It operates on a monthly package basis, providing students with unlimited access to social group classes and one 1:1 instructor-led session per week. Students can further customize their learning experience by opting for additional one-on-one sessions.
2. How does the BLP work?
The BLP operates similarly to a gym membership. Upon enrollment, students gain access to various social group classes, allowing them to attend as many sessions as they desire each month. Additionally, they receive one 1:1 instructor-led session per week, with the option to add more sessions based on their individual preferences and learning goals.
3. What are the benefits of the Blended Learning Program?
The BLP offers several benefits, including:

Flexible Learning: Students can choose from a wide range of group classes and schedule their 1:1 sessions to fit their busy lifestyles.

Personalized Instruction: The 1:1 sessions allow for personalized attention and targeted language skill development.

Immersive Environment: The social group classes foster an interactive and engaging learning environment, enhancing language proficiency.

Continuous Progress: With unlimited access to group classes, students can consistently practice and improve their language skills.

4. Who is the target audience for the BLP?
The BLP is designed for:

Working Professionals: Individuals seeking to enhance their language skills for career advancement and networking opportunities.

International Students: Students from non-English speaking countries studying in the Philippines, looking to improve their English proficiency.

Diplomats: Foreign diplomats residing in the Philippines who require effective communication skills for diplomatic purposes.

Former ESL Camp Students: Previous ESL camp students who wish to continue and advance their language learning journey.

5. Can I join the BLP at any time during the month?
Yes, the BLP follows a rolling enrollment system. Students can join the program at any time during the month, and their access will be valid for one month from the enrollment date.
2. How does the BLP work?
Upon enrollment, students will coordinate with their assigned instructors to schedule their weekly 1:1 sessions based on mutual availability.
7. How do I enroll in the BLP?
To enroll in the BLP, simply visit our website and complete the online registration form. Alternatively, you can visit our campus and register in person.
8. Can I choose to focus on specific language skills during the 1:1 sessions?
Absolutely! The 1:1 sessions are tailored to meet individual learning needs. Whether you wish to focus on speaking, writing, listening, or any specific language aspect, our instructors will work with you to address your goals.
9. Is there a maximum number of group classes I can attend each month?
There is no limit to the number of group classes you can attend each month. The BLP provides unlimited access to group classes, allowing you to immerse yourself in language learning as much as you desire.
10. Do I need a Student Visa to enroll in the BLP?
Upon admission, our Visa Team will review your passport and visa status to determine whether you require a Special Study Permit (SSP). If a Special Study Permit is necessary for your enrollment, rest assured that our in-house visa team will guide and assist you throughout the entire application process. At Enderun Extension, we handle the SSP processing for all our international students, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.