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Four Tips to Help You Get Serious about Your Love for Wine
There are a ton of hobbies out there, from gardening to blogging and everything in between. However, few hobbies have the universal appeal of wine. After all, wine is easily one of the most frequently consumed beverages in the world. If you are interested in getting serious about wine and turning it into a real […]
The Advantages of Co-working Spaces for Retail Entrepreneurs
With the recent boom in co-working and shared spaces, many retail entrepreneurs and start-up companies are beginning to see co-working spaces in Manila as an advantage for their budding businesses. Here are four advantages as to why choosing a co-working space may be better for you than getting your own corporate space to rent. 1. […]
Advantages of Taking Foreign Language Classes as a Group
Apart from learning a new language, taking foreign language courses have many benefits including memory refinement, mind sharpening, and improvement in other work and academic areas. Learning Mandarin is a language that is considered to be difficult and quite daunting, but learning it together with a couple of friends or co-workers can put you more […]
The Restaurant Owner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing for restaurants is considered one of the most aspects that contribute to the success of a food business. With millions of social media posts related to food and dining, social media has been proven to be a huge asset for restaurants when done right. Here are some guidelines to using your social […]
3 Sources of Inspiration for Your Next Business Idea
Starting a Business in Manila: Three Places to Find Your Inspiration Today, many have looked towards the prospect of owning a business over working or somebody else. In making the switch, some people succeed and some people struggle. One of the key differentiators here is preparation. A sound business plan and a fresh business idea […]
Three Key Skills Entrepreneurs Must Have Before They Start a Business
Starting a business is a dream many Filipinos have. After all, dictating your own hours and being your own boss are attractive advantages of being an entrepreneur. In fact, thousands upon thousands of MSMEs (micro, small, and medium enterprises) open in the Philippines every year. If you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur and opening […]
Iconic French Pastries to Master During Your Pastry Arts Short Course
Chefs know the importance of good pastries. They are essential in the culinary world; perhaps the main reason why some chefs dedicate their entire lives to the creation of pastries alone! Those considering dedicating their life to the world of pastries and sweet treats, should begin and never stop mastering the six iconic French pastries […]
Culinary Arts 101: Key Skills Aspiring Seafood Restaurant Owner-Chefs Should Know
For many people who want to start their own seafood restaurant, enrolling in a culinary arts school in Manila is one of the first steps they need to take. This is especially true for those who also want to take on the dual role of being an owner-chef since you’ll need to have a certain […]
How to Start a Restaurant Business in the Philippines: 7 Questions to Ask About Franchising
Have you ever thought about how to start a restaurant business in the Philippines? Owning your own restaurant can be both fulfilling and profitable when the business is run correctly. However, not everyone interested in opening a restaurant has the culinary background to run a successful kitchen. In such cases, buying a food franchise is […]
Opening a Restaurant? Entrepreneurship Management Courses are a Must!
A Restaurant Entrepreneurship Management Course or REM is a course for prospective restaurateurs and franchisees, food and beverage consultants and restaurant owners looking to improve and expand their businesses. It is designed to enable the course takers gain an understanding of the risks, challenges, and opportunities involved in working and owning a restaurant, while conceptualising […]
Four Simple Tips to Help You Apply for ESL Jobs Abroad Successfully
It is no secret that English is the world’s language for business. As such, the need for students to know how to speak, read, and write in proper English has grown exponentially. Unfortunately, the number of native-level English teachers aren’t enough to cover the global demand. This is why so many people have become interested […]
Should I Take an Advanced Pastry Arts Class if I’m Already a Pastry Chef?
A career in Pastry Arts is one of the most fulfilling and creative professions out there. After all, who wouldn’t feel great whenever someone’s eyes light up with joy at the sight of a pastry you’ve made? In fact, you’ve probably already felt this on numerous occasions in your young career as a Pastry Chef. […]
Steps Businesses Should Take to Comply with the Philippine Data Privacy Act
The Philippine Data Privacy Act was implemented as law back in 2016, changing the way businesses collected, managed, and protected the personal information of their customers. It was made “to protect the fundamental human right of privacy, of communication while ensuring free flow of information to promote innovation and growth.” Given how today’s business world […]
Learn the Ropes of Social Media Influencing with Grow Social 2019 This May
Philippine Primer invites everyone to join Enderun Extension’s Grow Social 2019 Conference on May 23, 2019. Learn more about the event from this link.
What your taste in wine says about you
The science of psychology has attempted to explain almost every aspect of human behavior. From preferences in color, places to vacation, and décor to career, life partner, and family dynamics, different aspects of your life can tell a psychologist about your personality. These aspects can include choices you don’t even realize you’re making; something as […]