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Opening a Restaurant? Entrepreneurship Management Courses are a Must!
A Restaurant Entrepreneurship Management Course or REM is a course for prospective restaurateurs and franchisees, food and beverage consultants and restaurant owners looking to improve and expand their businesses. It is designed to enable the course takers gain an understanding of the risks, challenges, and opportunities involved in working and owning a restaurant, while conceptualising […]
Four Simple Tips to Help You Apply for ESL Jobs Abroad Successfully
It is no secret that English is the world’s language for business. As such, the need for students to know how to speak, read, and write in proper English has grown exponentially. Unfortunately, the number of native-level English teachers aren’t enough to cover the global demand. This is why so many people have become interested […]
Should I Take an Advanced Pastry Arts Class if I’m Already a Pastry Chef?
A career in Pastry Arts is one of the most fulfilling and creative professions out there. After all, who wouldn’t feel great whenever someone’s eyes light up with joy at the sight of a pastry you’ve made? In fact, you’ve probably already felt this on numerous occasions in your young career as a Pastry Chef. […]
Steps Businesses Should Take to Comply with the Philippine Data Privacy Act
The Philippine Data Privacy Act was implemented as law back in 2016, changing the way businesses collected, managed, and protected the personal information of their customers. It was made “to protect the fundamental human right of privacy, of communication while ensuring free flow of information to promote innovation and growth.” Given how today’s business world […]
Learn the Ropes of Social Media Influencing with Grow Social 2019 This May
Philippine Primer invites everyone to join Enderun Extension’s Grow Social 2019 Conference on May 23, 2019. Learn more about the event from this link.
What your taste in wine says about you
The science of psychology has attempted to explain almost every aspect of human behavior. From preferences in color, places to vacation, and décor to career, life partner, and family dynamics, different aspects of your life can tell a psychologist about your personality. These aspects can include choices you don’t even realize you’re making; something as […]
The most ideal way to learn a new language
Each year, hundreds of people set out to study or learn a new language, but most of them meet little success.  This leads to most people giving up on their bilingual or polyglot dreams, when in fact it isn’t the learning part that is difficult–people learn new things everyday–rather it is how the language is […]
Women & Tipple: Women in the Local Drink World
Enderun Colleges’ very own Bel Castro lands on’s list of influential women who broke barriers and created a gender-equal environment in a male-dominated industry. Find out more about Bel’s achievements and her advice to women who would like to pursue a career in the local drink industry from this link.
Why Teaching Children to Cook Improves their Discipline
As part of the process of growing up, children are constantly exploring and testing limits, and it is every parent’s job to set healthy boundaries that encourages growth and exploration, but discourages unruly behaviour. It is one of the biggest challenges of any parent to instill effective discipline.  Many studies have shown and many parents […]
10 Simple Ways to Make Your Hotel/Restaurant a Sustainable Tourism Pioneer
Sustainable tourism is more than just another buzzword. Everyone remembers the sudden closure of Boracay for several months due to ecological issues stemming from overtourism, and we don’t want this happening again to any of our other tourist destinations. This is where sustainable tourism development comes in. There is no denying the negative impact of […]
Starting a Restaurant: Four Quick Tips for First-Time Restaurateurs
4 Tips to Help You Open a Restaurant With Zero Industry Experience There has been a restaurant boom in major cities throughout the Philippines over the last five years. Restaurants of all shapes, sizes, and cuisines have been popping up in our malls, parks, and neighborhoods–and it’s not hard to see why. Filipinos love great […]
Passion to Career: From Baking Classes to Owning Your Own Bakery
Shifting to a Baking Career? You Should Get a Diploma in Pastry Arts “Choose a job that you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life” We’ve all heard that quote at least once in our lives and many of the most successful entrepreneurs have built their “empires” based on their […]
4 Advantages of Taking a Culinary Course Before Opening a Restaurant
Is Taking a Culinary Course Required to Open Your Own Restaurant? Opening a restaurant is one of the most popular forms of starting a business. After all, the demand for new places that serve excellent food is ever-present. The best part is that almost anyone can choose to open their very own restaurant, even if […]