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The SME’s Guide to Setting Up and Running an E-commerce Website
Customer purchasing habits have changed dramatically over the last few months due to the ongoing pandemic. As more and more people are staying at home in response to government quarantines, more and more businesses have also had to adjust to online selling in order to continue to reach their customers. Transitioning from a traditional brick […]
When is the Best Time to Start Coding and Software Development Classes?
When is the Best Time to Start Coding and Software Development Classes? As the world continues to become increasingly dependent on digital solutions, the need for coders and software developers grows as well. In fact, the demand for software developers is projected to grow by twenty-one percent by 2028, a rate that is much faster […]
The Advantages of Being TESOL Certified When Teaching English Online
Although it usually isn’t required, holding TESOL certification offers a lot of advantages to those interested in teaching English online as their main career.
Benefits of Children Taking Foreign Language Classes at an Early Age
Learning a new language is definitely possible regardless of your age. However, there are certain far-reaching advantages in taking foreign language classes in Manila at an early age. This is on top of the relatively obvious advantage of being able to learn a new language easier and faster. Here are some of the other benefits […]
Preparing for the Digital World: 3 Online Workshops Professionals Should Take
Slowly, but surely, businesses from all industries are starting to resume operations throughout the Philippines amidst COVID-19 quarantines. However, this return to work doesn’t necessarily mean that everything has gone back to “normal”, as we were used to before the outbreak. In fact, the pandemic has forced many companies and their employees to adapt to […]
Test Your Newfound Baking Skills with This Artisan Bread Recipe
Many people have developed new skills over the lengthy Enhanced Community Quarantine. One of the more popular skills people have learned is cooking/baking, with many posting pictures of the various dishes and breads that they made from scratch. If you’ve learned how to bake bread recently, you may be itching to test yourself with a […]
The New Normal Facing the Restaurant Industry: Food Safety Courses and More
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many industries to make significant changes to the way they operate, ushering a “new normal”. One of the biggest examples is the restaurant industry. Social distancing guidelines are expected to significantly hinder dine-in opportunities. No-contact measures will force changes in the way you and your wait staff can interact with […]
Post-COVID-19: Adapting to the “New Normal” Facing Hotels and Restaurants
There has been a lot of uncertainty across all industries, mainly due to the myriad of changes that have to be applied in a post-COVID-19 world. The hospitality industry, which covers hotels and restaurants, will be among the hardest hit. Nevertheless, there is still a need for these businesses to continue operating, not just in […]
Tips to Supplement Your Online German Classes and Learn German Faster
Will deutsch lernen? German is a highly expressive language and among the best known languages in the European Union. Although it might seem complicated, anyone can learn German with enough practice and perseverance. Here are some tips to get you started: Get up close and personal with the German language Grasp the basic concepts such […]
Data Analytics for Beginners: Industries You Probably Didn’t Know Use Analytics
When someone mentions “data analytics”, most people envision someone inside a server room in some I.T. company in Silicon Valley. Although the companies that hire the most data analysts and data scientists do reside in Silicon Valley, the truth is that completing data analytics training and/or completing a Microsoft Certification course opens a variety of […]
Recommended Countries to Teach English Abroad for Filipino ESL Teachers
Being able to communicate in English effectively is one of the most important skills in the world of business today. This is why many countries where English is not spoken natively are always looking for ESL(English as a Second Language) teachers who can teach the language to their students. If you have dreams of working […]
4 Kitchen Management Tips Every Aspiring Head Chef Should Know
Every young chef out there aspires to become a head chef someday, whether it be in a renowned restaurant or a restaurant that they’ve built themselves. Achieving this is no cake walk. Aside from holding a culinary arts certificate from a well-known culinary school, aspiring head chefs must also develop a variety of personnel and […]
The Quintessential 6-Step Guide to Setting Up a Productive Home Office
One of the top reasons for completing your daily tasks in co-working spaces around Manila is that these workspaces have been proven to boost productivity. In fact, you may have noticed that you seemed to get more work done when working in places like The Study. Unfortunately, recent events have made it difficult for some […]
How Data Analytics Has Changed the Media and Entertainment Industry
Data analytics is more diverse than most people think. More and more industries around the world are relying on data analytics to improve efficiency and deliver exactly what their customers are looking for. As such, those who have undergone data analytics training are in high-demand throughout the world. Even taking a course on data analytics […]
How Data Analytics Training Has Improved the Healthcare Industry as a Whole
Are you interested in taking a data analytics course, but are worried about the variety of the job opportunities available to you? One of the big misconceptions about data analytics is that it is a field that only benefits I.T. and technology companies. It may have started out that way, but data analytics training has […]