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Online Coding Classes Develop Job Skills That Future-Proof Your Career
Programming jobs are growing 12 percent faster than the industry average, making programming one of the most future-proof industries for young professionals and fresh graduates to join. The beauty of programming is that you don’t necessarily have to own a degree in I.T. or computer science to be able to code. Flexible skills developed by […]
The Top 5 Wine-Producing Countries and Recommended Wines to Try
Wine is a beloved drink throughout the world, highlighted by the fact that the global production hit 293 million hectoliters in 2018 and consumption of wine hit 244 million hectoliters according to Statista. However, some countries are just a little more serious about making top quality wines than others. Like in most cases when it […]
A Quirky Cake for Each Unique Personality
Baker Monica Guevara de la Cruz, who earned a diploma in pastry arts from Enderun Extension, is greatly favored by her clients because of her eccentric touch to her bespoke cake creations. Investing heavily on both visuals and flavor, Monica’s works are creatively customized according to the profile of the celebrator. Read the feature article […]
5 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know About Hosting Zoom Webinars
The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way various industries operate. One of the most affected industries today is the event industry. With restrictions on mass gatherings in place, many event management professionals have had to quickly get used to organizing and hosting events online via platforms like Zoom. Fortunately, many organizers have been able […]
Why Online WSET Courses are Perfect for Busy Wine Professionals
The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) provides globally recognized education and qualifications in wines, spirits, and sake, for professionals and enthusiasts. They have many branches around the world, including the Philippines, which is the WSET Manila. There are several online wine classes from different schools to choose from. One of the schools, Enderun Extension, […]
How to Choose Which Foreign Language Class to Take First
Learning a foreign language is one of the best decisions you can make. There are many benefits to learning a second language, such as having access to more job opportunities, connecting with more people, and more. The only real question is: which foreign language should you study? Many language centers, like The Study, offer a […]
The Importance of Cybersecurity in Today’s Increasingly Online World
More and more businesses are entering the online world in order to better reach and interact with their target audience. While there is no denying that today’s increasingly online world has made interacting and transacting easier for both businesses and consumers, this development has also come with a different set of problems. Due to how […]
Three Emerging Data Privacy Trends to Keep an Eye on for 2021
Complacency is the enemy of progress. This is especially true in dynamic, constantly changing landscapes such as data privacy. As a result, Data Privacy Officers who have undergone DPO certification understand that staying on top of industry trends and insights is a must if they want to protect their organizations. Here are a few emerging […]
Three Ways You Can Improve Your Skills While Under Community Quarantine
With most people continuing to stay at home due to the various community quarantines, many professionals are looking for ways to improve themselves during their free time. After all, improving existing skills and developing new ones can only have a positive impact on their respective career trajectories. Expanding your professional skill set can be done […]
The SME’s Guide to Setting Up and Running an E-commerce Website
Customer purchasing habits have changed dramatically over the last few months due to the ongoing pandemic. As more and more people are staying at home in response to government quarantines, more and more businesses have also had to adjust to online selling in order to continue to reach their customers. Transitioning from a traditional brick […]
When is the Best Time to Start Coding and Software Development Classes?
When is the Best Time to Start Coding and Software Development Classes? As the world continues to become increasingly dependent on digital solutions, the need for coders and software developers grows as well. In fact, the demand for software developers is projected to grow by twenty-one percent by 2028, a rate that is much faster […]
The Advantages of Being TESOL Certified When Teaching English Online
Although it usually isn’t required, holding TESOL certification offers a lot of advantages to those interested in teaching English online as their main career.
Benefits of Children Taking Foreign Language Classes at an Early Age
Learning a new language is definitely possible regardless of your age. However, there are certain far-reaching advantages in taking foreign language classes in Manila at an early age. This is on top of the relatively obvious advantage of being able to learn a new language easier and faster. Here are some of the other benefits […]
Preparing for the Digital World: 3 Online Workshops Professionals Should Take
Slowly, but surely, businesses from all industries are starting to resume operations throughout the Philippines amidst COVID-19 quarantines. However, this return to work doesn’t necessarily mean that everything has gone back to “normal”, as we were used to before the outbreak. In fact, the pandemic has forced many companies and their employees to adapt to […]
Test Your Newfound Baking Skills with This Artisan Bread Recipe
Many people have developed new skills over the lengthy Enhanced Community Quarantine. One of the more popular skills people have learned is cooking/baking, with many posting pictures of the various dishes and breads that they made from scratch. If you’ve learned how to bake bread recently, you may be itching to test yourself with a […]