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Class Description

Elevate your skills and learn how to create stunning “Puff Pastries”. As the second installment in our Professional Pastry Principles series, this course will help you refine your skills under the guidance of international chefs from Ecole Ducasse Manila and expand your pastry repertoire by teaching you how to make restaurant-quality Jalousie, Millefeuille, and Rhubarb and Strawberry Allumettes.

Course Inclusions

  • Ecole Ducasse Chef’s Jacket
  • Enderun Culinary Apron
  • Enderun Cap
  • Set of Necessary Kitchen Utensils
  • Set of Recipe Printouts
  • Provision of Ingredients and Kitchen Equipment
  • Certificate of Module Completion from Enderun Extension
  • Pastry: Classic Entremets Digital Badge

Learning Goals

Proficiency in Crafting Puff Pastry Creations:
Participants will develop specialized skills and techniques in crafting classic puff pastry items, focusing on creating Jalousie, Millefeuille, and Rhubarb and Strawberry Allumettes, ensuring adeptness in various aspects of puff pastry creation.

Adherence to Ecole Ducasse Pedagogy:
Learners will utilize the esteemed Ecole Ducasse pedagogy to comprehend and execute the detailed processes involved in crafting puff pastry, ensuring that the acquired knowledge and skills are rooted in a globally acclaimed educational approach.

Time-Bound Skill Acquisition in Puff Pastry Creation:
Participants will demonstrate the ability to efficiently and effectively acquire and apply new skills in the art of puff pastry creation within a specified timeframe, showcasing adaptability and proficiency in a fast-paced and structured learning environment. This goal emphasizes the importance of mastering complex pastry techniques in a time-efficient manner, aligning with the intensive nature of the course.

Event Details


Enderun Colleges Main Campus
1100 Campus Avenue McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City


Monday to Friday, January 15 to 26, 2024


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