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Slowly, but surely, businesses from all industries are starting to resume operations throughout the Philippines amidst COVID-19 quarantines. However, this return to work doesn’t necessarily mean that everything has gone back to “normal”, as we were used to before the outbreak. In fact, the pandemic has forced many companies and their employees to adapt to a “new normal”, one that is more digital-centric than ever before. This is mostly due to the ongoing risk of the pandemic and the enforcement of various social distancing measures.
This increase in the reliance on digital solutions can be jarring for many people, especially if digital was not a prominent part of their job descriptions. Fortunately, there are many online workshops available to help professionals better transition into the “new normal”. Some of the best digital courses to take include:

Microsoft Certification Courses: Data Analytics

Data analytics was one of the fastest growing sectors for job openings prior to the outbreak. Imagine how much more the demand for data analysts and data scientists will grow in the months following the outbreak. The best part about data analytics is that with every industry leaning more on digital solutions, a career in data analytics can take you across various industries, such as media and entertainment, banking, media and entertainment, and more.

Microsoft Data Analytics courses, such as the ones offered by Enderun Extension, can be adapted to suit your experience. Those who are just starting in the world of data analytics can go with a Foundational course, which is targeted for “beginners”. Those with a little more experience may opt to go for a more in-depth Professional course, which dives into much more technical and case-use sessions.

SME Management Series: E-Commerce Bootcamp

If you own your own business, you know that selling in an actual store cannot be counted on to completely support your business. Extended quarantines and fear of COVID-19 have changed consumer behavior towards online shopping as the main driver for sales.

The E-commerce Bootcamp is designed to help SME business owners tackle the challenges of setting up, running, and maintaining an E-commerce platform for their brand. The E-commerce workshop equips participants with the skills to design an e-commerce platform from scratch, create new sales plans centered on digital, and more. This allows business owners to run their businesses without interruption, continue to reach their target market, and offer their goods in a way that lines up with the expectations of their customers.

Enderun Data Privacy Certification Course with NADPOP

As corporations continue to collect data from their customers, the need for Data Privacy Officers (DPO) will continue to grow as well. This is especially true in the Philippines, which is home to one of the strictest set of Data Privacy laws in the world.

Enderun Extension partners with NADPOP to provide corporations a way to train their DPOs and help them achieve their data privacy certification. The course equips current and future DPOs with all the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure all data collection, storage, accessibility, and protection are all compliant with the Philippine Data Privacy Act. It’s perfect for I.T. and data professionals who see themselves diving into a career in data security and privacy.