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A Restaurant Entrepreneurship Management Course or REM is a course for prospective restaurateurs and franchisees, food and beverage consultants and restaurant owners looking to improve and expand their businesses. It is designed to enable the course takers gain an understanding of the risks, challenges, and opportunities involved in working and owning a restaurant, while conceptualising a restaurant business plan. Having a practical and educational combination of theory, sharing, exposure and experience, here’s why REM is a key resource on how to start a restaurant business in the Philippines:

Stand Out In a Competitive Market Place

With almost 30,000 registered food establishments in the Philippines, the restaurant and food service industry can be a pretty daunting market to enter without a solid business plan. Approximately 2,500 restaurants open each year, resulting in 40% of them closing down due to business, marketing and financial miscalculations. Opening a restaurant requires passionate people, business skills, marketing knowledge and commercial awareness, to name a few. Enrolling in a Restaurant Entrepreneurship Management Course will equip you with the necessary business skills and know-how in managing a restaurant business by covering the crucial topics of brand development, location and placement, human resources, finances, marketing, costing, legal aspects of a business, restaurant design, restaurant business plan development, all the way to pre-opening, technology and operations. By learning these topics ahead of time, there is a smaller chance for things to plummet to failure, while giving you a higher chance of service and business recovery.

Learn From the Experience of Others

You acquire an edge when you learn from what others have already gone through. Learning from the experience of others who are in the same field as you or have been down that same road you are venturing into with allow you to save time and resources. These people know what works and what doesn’t. You can save the effort of multiple trials and errors by listening in on their stories, experiences and insights of the food industry and the journeys of failures and successes that they have had with their restaurants.

Have Your Ideas Validated By Successful Industry Professionals and Business Owners

Does your business plan make sense? Are your financial forecasts accurate? Are your food products unique? These questions can all be answered through the mentorship program and open panel portion of the REM course, guested by successful individuals in the food and beverage industry and by successful business owners and restaurateurs. Receiving feedback and advice from family and friends is one thing, but getting responses from your course mentors is a different story and it takes your thoughts and corrective actions to another level. Whether it be the cold hard truth or comments of praise and agreements, the feedback that you will be getting when you present your restaurant business plan is straight from professionals who are there to advise you on becoming the best restaurant owner that you can be.

It’s Not All About the Lectures

Lectures and theories are one thing to know, but how exactly do you start a restaurant business in the Philippines? By combining a series of lectures, business workshops, immersion programs and online operations models, Enderun Extension’s Restaurant Entrepreneurship Management Program covers all the aspects of owning and opening a restaurant. Unlike traditional college courses and higher degree programs on restaurant management and entrepreneurship, the Restaurant Entrepreneurship Management course is streamlined to tackle only what is necessary to the business owner and manager. The program will conclude with a pop-up restaurant project where you will once again be able to have your food concepts sampled and validated by industry professionals and established individuals in the food scene.