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Given how the majority of business processes have gone from analog to digital, cybersecurity should be a constant concern for businesses of all sizes. After all, the consequences of a cyber breach far extends past the financial, which can be seen in case studies of Marriott International and eBay. Unfortunately, some companies may not keep their cybersecurity systems up-to-date since they may prioritize other parts of the business that help earn them a profit.
When your cybersecurity is weak or outdated, you put sensitive business and customer information at-risk. Fortunately, the warning signs on a weak or outdated system are easy to spot as long as you know what you are looking for. If you notice any of these warning signs, make sure you get in touch with your cybersecurity vendor and discuss upgrading.

Your Existing Cybersecurity Systems are Mostly Passive in Nature

In the past, installing a firewall and antivirus software in your company’s computers was enough to protect sensitive corporate information. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Cybersecurity must now be proactive in order to protect you from potential threats. This means your systems must be programmable, which allows your cybersecurity team to constantly monitor, assess, and improve your defenses regularly. Microsoft Azure and a handful of other programs are fantastic examples of proactive cybersecurity systems.

Your Company-Issued Mobile Devices Don’t Have Additional Security Features

Today, many companies provide their employees with mobile devices to help improve productivity. However, some companies make the mistake of giving their employees mobile devices that do not have additional security features. Mobile malware is a real threat and can easily leak company information that your employees access on their mobile devices. There are also issues regarding the use of unsecured/public WiFi and failing to download the latest manufacturer security patches, both of which can lead to potential breaches.

Your Cybersecurity Team Isn’t Up-to-Date with the Latest Hacker Tactics

To outsmart would-be hackers, your cybersecurity team must be able to adopt the mindset of a hacker. This allows them to stay one step ahead of threats and properly configure your systems to prevent cyberattacks. If your cybersecurity team isn’t up-to-date with the latest hacker tactics, it may be a good idea to sign them up for cyber security training for professionals, such as a Microsoft Cybersecurity Certification Course, as a refresher.

Your Company has Experienced a Cyberattack in the Past

If you’ve been told that your company experienced a cyberattack, treat that information seriously. Being the victim of a cyberattack, successful or not, is an indication that hackers know your current cybersecurity architecture is vulnerable. Have your team make a full assessment of what occurred, the attempted entry point, and what changes need to be made to your systems in order to prevent future attacks. Failing to do these only invites more cyberattacks in the future.