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Corporate Events make up a trillion dollar industry. Given this, it’s not surprising why many individuals seek a career in events. If you are working as a professional events planner or plan to be one, here are some tips to propel your career further into the industry.

The Two Types of Events

Events are typically classified into two categories – corporate and socials. Socials encompass all the personal milestones and reunion events such as weddings, debuts, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. On the other hand, corporate events cover company milestones, product launches, conventions and M.I.C.E, which is an acronym for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions. While social events are more often than not smaller in size and more flexible in comparison to corporate ones, it takes a certain level of knowledge, skill and experience to pull off successful events.

The Educational Side of Events

While there are bachelor’s degrees that specialise or touch on the topics of event planning, there are also professional events management programs and short courses available to those who are not interested to go through four years of studying again. If you are interested in the corporate and tourism side of events management, taking a M.I.C.E. professional events management short course will be very beneficial to you.

The Truth About CMP

CMP or Certified Meeting Professional is a qualification that will give any event planner worldwide credibility. The program was launched in 1985 by the Events Industry Council (EIC) and is the top-recognised professional accreditation in the events industry. The qualifications for attaining this certification are based on professional experience and education and theory, which will be validated with an exam. Not only does the CMP title add distinction to your resume, but it also gives you a boost in credibility and compensation.

Becoming a CMP

To obtain a CMP title, one must first be studying or working in the events industry. If you have no educational background in event, enrolling in a Professional Events Management Program can help you learn all the critical theories you need to know about the industry. There are specific schools, agencies and educational centres in the Philippines that offer programs for CMP preparation, examinations and certification.

Enderun Extension’s M.I.C.E Professional Events Management program bridges the requirements of the industry to enable practitioners and professionals to be globally competitive and academically prepared for professional events and similar ventures. The benefits of this program include:

  • Receiving a M.I.C.E. Professional Certificate of Attendance after attending each course.
  • Receiving a M.I.C.E. Professional Certificate of Completion after completing the 5 courses.
  • Using the PhilM.I.C.E. (Philippine M.I.C.E. Academy) Certified credential after completing the 5 courses.
  • Preparing for the CMP certification exam and other event management certifications.
  • Receiving a dual certification from SIMP (Singapore Institute of Multidisciplinary Professions).
  • Using the acquired industry professional letters “CMP” after passing the certification exam.