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Professional Events Management: Event Design

This course deals with the fundamentals of event design beginning with the process of identifying client needs and preferences, research design options, and the design elements that match the event goals and objectives.

Professional Events Management: Event Marketing

This course examines how to successfully manage events, determine marketing strategies that are essential to successful selling, and compare promotional methods and their effectiveness for a specific target audience.

Professional Events Management: Risk Management, Financial Administration, and Site Management

It prepares participants to forecast risks; conceptualize, implement, monitor, and evaluate the prospective risks in an event; as well as manage effectively the site infrastructure and logistics plan.

Professional Events Management: Stakeholder, Staff, and Volunteer Management

This course launches the attendees to the identification, categorization, and management of stakeholders. It also unpacks the requirements in crafting the selection criteria for human resources and the best practices in managing teams.

Professional Events Management: Strategic Planning

This course introduces the Event Management Body of Knowledge, the Project Management Body of Knowledge, the steps in strategic planning, event principles, policies, procedures, event operation, and standards in professional event management.