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When is the Best Time to Start Coding and Software Development Classes?

As the world continues to become increasingly dependent on digital solutions, the need for coders and software developers grows as well. In fact, the demand for software developers is projected to grow by twenty-one percent by 2028, a rate that is much faster than the majority of other careers. Given this, it’s not surprising that many people wonder when the best time to start taking software development classes is.

The short answer? Any time. After all, age should never be an impediment to learning a skill worth learning. There are many success stories about mid-career shifters in their forties moving on to successful careers in software development. If you are wondering about this from the perspective of a parent, however, the answer is relatively clear: as soon as your child shows an interest in coding.

Many successful coders started early

In a survey conducted by HackerRank, 21 percent of all respondents claimed that they began learning how to between age 11 and 15. Another 5 percent saids they started before they were ten years old. 50% of respondents said they developed their very first original software between 16 and 20 years old.

Why does starting early matter? After all, anyone can learn how to code at any age.

The big advantage in starting early is practical experience. Having ten years or so of practical experience, even if self-taught, is a huge advantage compared to someone who only starts learning software development in college. Practical experience allows young coders to develop their own style and encourages them to be creative with how they code rather than religiously sticking to established patterns. This enables young coders to experiment and think outside the box when coding, without the fear of failure holding them back.

As a result, formal instruction at the college level is more about refining the skills that they have already learned, rather than starting from scratch. This helps turn them into the creative, confident, and efficient software developers that companies are always on the lookout for.

It’s becoming easier for kids to start software development early

With the advantages of learning coding at an early age so evident, it isn’t surprising that there are now many online coding classes and software lessons for kids, such as the classes offered by The Study by Enderun Colleges. These classes are wonderful introductions to coding, designed in a way that keeps the interest of children as they develop their coding skills. This is a great development as children interested in coding today have much more learning opportunities than children had decades ago. If your child has exhibited an interest in software, technology, video games, websites, and the like, it may be a good idea to enroll him or her in software development classes in Manila.