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It’s no secret that the field of project management can be fiercely competitive. After all, everyone wants to be the one to manage the next big successful project for big-name companies. As such, it’s important for aspiring project managers to find ways to stand out and present themselves as “the one” during the hiring process.
Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to improve your chances of being chosen by the hiring manager or recruiter during the interview process. One such step would be to know exactly what the recruiter is looking for and preparing strong, confident answers:

A Proper Handle on Task Management and Delegation

One of the most important skills a project manager should possess is the ability to sort through what each person on the team does best and a keen sense for delegating roles and responsibilities that fit the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. This allows a project manager to get things done in the most efficient and effective way possible.
Start off by sharing examples of your task management and delegation skills in previous projects. Make sure to structure your story using the STAR (Situation Task Action Result) method to clearly illustrate how your decisions made an impact on the project.

A Clear and Flexible Set of Communication Skills

No man is an island. When working in a team, possessing impeccable communication skills is definitely a huge advantage. Project managers will often have to wear a lot of hats and dip their toes across multiple teams within any given project. As such, clear communication is vital when it comes to making sure everyone works like a well oiled machine.
One of the best ways to show off your ability to communicate during an interview is to share a time of conflict during a previous project. Once again, share your story using the STAR method, focusing on conflict resolution and the results. Keep in mind that not all conflicts necessarily have to be instances of in-fighting. You can also cite other conflicts such as delays and miscommunication between teams.

A Strong Sense of Leadership

Project management is definitely not a position for the weak-willed. Every member of every team involved in a project will always look to their project manager for guidance and direction. Not only do you have to show that you are capable of making the right decisions, but you also need to be a calming presence for your team, which goes a long way in earning their trust and respect in you as leader of the project.
Start off by defining what you think good leadership means when it comes to managing projects. Then, share a story that best fits your ideology of good leadership using the STAR method.

A Global Certification in the CV Never Hurts!

If you are looking for a way to help you stand out from the crowd as a project manager, you should definitely consider earning at least their Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) qualification. Becoming a certified professional not only shows how serious and passionate you are about effective project management, but it also equips you with the skills, knowledge, and up-to-date best practices in the field. Not every project manager can claim they are certified, so having your certification can really boost your chances of being hired by your dream company. If you already have your CAPM®, consider taking a more advanced certification from the Project Management Institute.