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With most people continuing to stay at home due to the various community quarantines, many professionals are looking for ways to improve themselves during their free time. After all, improving existing skills and developing new ones can only have a positive impact on their respective career trajectories.

Expanding your professional skill set can be done in a wide range of ways. Here are three simple approaches you can try, regardless of where you may be in your professional career:

Acquire an Applicable Certification

Acquiring certifications has long been one of the best ways to improve one’s knowledge and skills in his or her profession. Not too long ago, most certifications had to be acquired by attending classroom sessions in person. Fortunately, there are now many online certification courses to choose from, regardless of what industry you work in, making it relatively easy to find the certification that works best for your career.

For example, event management and planning professionals may be interested in pursuing a globally recognized CMP certification. If so, taking a Professional Event Management program is the first step. On the other hand, professionals aspiring to become Data Privacy Officers may be interested in acquiring their NADPOP DPO certification.

Learn Targeted Skills Through Online Courses

In some cases, professionals may also benefit from further developing the skills that they already have and creating a niche for themselves in their respective workplaces. If this applies to you, there are many online certificate classes available to help you achieve that. These courses may differ from certification courses in that these classes help you develop a targeted set of skills, helping you expand your capabilities.

For example, those who work in food preparation may choose to enroll for a FoodSHAP Level 2 class to help align their food safety knowledge to a global standard, which is great to add to your arsenal given the current situation. Web developers, both agency-employed and freelancers, may want to take up

Register for and Attend Free Webinars

Many organizations have started to offer free webinars on a variety of different topics in the last few months. It may be in your best interest to attend several webinars and online conferences. In some cases, being exposed to new insights is just the push you need to come up with new ways to accomplish your day-to-day tasks. The fact that these webinars will often have visionary experts as speakers is also a great way to learn industry-specific mindsets. If nothing else, meeting other professionals can help you grow your network.