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“Mom. Dad. I’m bored!”

You must have already heard this a million times from your son or daughter. These days, when staying at home is a must, we parents have to get creative to keep our little ones sufficiently entertained. For parents, this may mean trying something hands-on like doing arts and crafts for kids. If your child loves the arts, you may want to prepare the materials necessary for these simple arts and crafts projects:

DIY Foam Paint

For those who want a fresh spin on traditional watercolor paint, look no further than this simple, three-ingredient DIY foam paint. This project allows your kids to experience the fun of art summer classes in the comforts of their own home.

To create, mix an equal amount of shaving cream, any craft/school glue, and food coloring of your choice in a ziplock bag. Seal the bag and squish all ingredients together until they are of a uniform color. Once done, cut out a small corner at the bottom of the bag. This is where the foam paint will be released. Then, on an illustration board, card envelope, or any semi-rigid material, start piping out the foam paint and let your imagination run wild.

After piping, set aside your artwork so the foam paint can solidify overnight. And voila, you have your very own 3-D artwork!
Optional: To add more fun, your kids can draw anything they want and use the foam paint to accentuate their drawings.

DIY Thumbprint Family Tree

Parents can use this project as both a history lesson and an art class for their children. All you need is to print out any family tree template and bring out a stamping pad (diluted food coloring can be used as an alternative) with the color of your choice.

The roots of the tree would indicate the parents’ names while the branches would have the names of the children and other relatives. Using the stamping pad or diluted food coloring, dip your thumb and press on the branches of the paper until the tree is filled out. Once done, let the family tree dry and hang on a wall as a reminder of your children’s family story.

DIY Fireworks in a Glass

This fun experiment will keep your kids coming back for more. To make, you will need: warm water, any cooking oil (olive, vegetable, palm etc.), and at least two different kinds of food coloring.

First, fill a glass with ¾ of warm water. Next, add four tablespoons of oil and four drops each of different food coloring in a separate glass. Then, use a fork to mix the oil and food coloring mixture to create a beautiful swirl pattern. Finally, pour the oil and food coloring mixture into the glass of warm water.

Sit back and watch as the fireworks start to emerge!