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With the recent boom in co-working and shared spaces, many retail entrepreneurs and start-up companies are beginning to see co-working spaces in Manila as an advantage for their budding businesses. Here are four advantages as to why choosing a co-working space may be better for you than getting your own corporate space to rent.

1. Freedom at an Affordable Price

A big advantage of co-working spaces is the flexibility they offer. You are neither bound by lease and rent contracts nor do you have to worry about having to take out a loan to make a big deposit or show proof of your financial capabilities. Compared to a traditional office space, renting out a co-working space is relatively cheaper. There are also some added benefits, depending on the co-working space you deal with, such as available wireless internet, cleaning services, ample electrical outlets, air-conditioning and light inclusions, and water stations. Starting out with a co-working space, reduces your headache, by acting as a one-stop-shop for your office space needs.

2. Business Address at a Prime Location

If you are looking to set-up an office in a central business district such as Makati, Manila or Ortigas, your biggest enemies will be availability and cost. Your best weapon against those enemies will be renting out a spot in a co-working space in Ortigas or any other space in a prime CBD area. Don’t forget how sophisticated your office address will appear on your business cards. Some co-working companies offer their spaces as temporary or indefinite office addresses to their renters.

3. Professional Space for Clients

Apart from garnering that business address, you have a beautiful and well-maintained office or showroom to receive your clients and investors. Many co-working spaces in Manila offer ample parking and are easily accessible to anyone, thus making it more convenient for clients to get to you.

4. Potential for Networking

Because it’s a shared space, you have many opportunities to network with the other people and start-ups at the co-working space. You never know who you might bump into or who may be interested in your project. Being in a co-working space opens countless doors and possibilities that may just be the boost to success that your company needs.

There are many co-working spaces available for both day-to-day and long-term rent. The key is finding a well-equipped co-working space, like The Study, that offers you added-value features like free coffee, conference rooms for business meetings, and a professional studio for product shoots.