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Course Description

The WSET tutored tasting event will run the participants through the WSET SAT (Systematic Approach to Tasting). This session will help calibrate their tasting skills and give them a review on how to use the WSET lexicon as well as write proper tasting notes for their level (using BLIC – Balance, Length, Intensity and Complexity).


  • 1 hour for lecture
  • 1 hour for tasting

About WSET Tutored Tasting

WSET courses use a Systematic Approach to Tasting for evaluating all wines. There are changes in detail as students progress through the levels, from WSET Level 1 to Diploma, but the technique is the same.

It can help to taste with people who have more experience. Students who attend WSET courses are able to taste with expert tutors, who guide them in calibrating their palate, picking out different flavours and accurately describing different levels of sweetness, acidity and tannin, and make conclusions about the style and quality of the wine.

Class Details


August 27, 2022


Enderun Colleges


PhP 1,800
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