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Course Description

Take a deep dive into the exciting world of AI conversation design with our intensive course, “”Mastering AI Conversation: A Comprehensive Course in Prompt Engineering””. Designed to empower professionals, educators, and enthusiasts alike, this program demystifies the process of training AI to understand and respond effectively to human prompts. From crafting nuanced personas to generating diverse responses, we explore it all. Unlock the full potential of conversational AI, and give yourself an edge in the ever-evolving landscape of AI technology.

Key Learning

1. Understand the fundamentals of prompt engineering and the logic behind AI conversational models like GPT-4.
2. Learn to craft effective prompts that elicit desired responses from AI, exploring various prompt patterns in-depth.
3. Gain hands-on experience with different AI tools, working with real-world examples and case studies.
4. Develop skills to use AI effectively in a variety of contexts, from customer service chatbots to creative storytelling.
5. Understand the strengths and limitations of AI, including ethical considerations in AI usage.

Highlights and Benefits

1. Empowerment: Gain a solid understanding of AI and how it processes language, empowering you to use AI tools with confidence.
2. Hands-on Learning: Through interactive activities and real-world case studies, get hands-on experience in prompt engineering.
3. Versatile Skills: The skills acquired in this course can be applied across many sectors, including marketing, customer service, and education.
4. Stay Ahead: AI is an evolving field. Learning prompt engineering will keep you at the forefront of AI conversation design, giving you a competitive edge.

Event Details


Enderun Design & Innovation Campus, Estancia Mall


September 28 to 29, 2023
(Thursday to Friday)


2:00 pm to 5:00pm


PHP 6,000.00
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Danny Perez

Daniel is a visionary entrepreneur and co-founder of Enderun Colleges Inc., a premier four-year undergraduate institution offering a diverse array of bachelor’s degree and non-degree courses in international hospitality management and business administration. With a deep understanding of the dynamic landscape of education and business, Daniel has played a key role in Enderun’s impressive growth from a modest student population of 80 to a thriving community of 1000++ students.

His entrepreneurial acumen and management expertise have made him an invaluable asset to Enderun, where he currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO). In this capacity, Daniel conducts in-depth financial and operational analysis, optimizing processes to elevate the quality and efficiency of extension programs. Moreover, his visionary outlook drives the design of innovative new programs and services, ranging from postgraduate courses to corporate training, consultancy, and management.
Beyond his leadership at Enderun, Daniel’s entrepreneurial spirit extends to co-founding Launderettes Corp, where he serves on the board. Launderettes Corp takes pride in catering to esteemed 5, 4, and 3-star hotel properties in Metro Manila, overseeing their outsourced laundry operations.
Daniel’s remarkable journey includes graduating Magna cum Laude from Les Roches Swiss Hotel Management School, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (International Hotel Management). He has honed his expertise through diverse experiences, starting his career as the Corporate Planning Manager of Discovery Suites.

As a Prompt Engineering Certified professional from Vanderbilt University, Daniel’s technical proficiency and business acumen align seamlessly, making him the ideal instructor to navigate you through the intricacies of prompt engineering. With his proven track record in strategic planning, organizational development, and financial management, Daniel is uniquely positioned to impart practical skills that resonate with aspiring prompt engineers.
Join us in this transformational course, where you will learn to harness the power of conversational AI, craft effective prompts, and gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving landscape of AI technology. Get ready to elevate your skillset under the guidance of a visionary leader, entrepreneur, and Prompt Engineering Certified instructor – Daniel Perez.

Colin Christie

Mr. Christie is a serial entrepreneur, connector and collaborator. He serves as the Executive Director of Global Chamber® Manila, which helps member companies grow globally through a community of CEOs, executives, professionals and students in 500 metros around the world. He has also served on the leadership team of Lifetrack Medical Systems Inc., whose innovative and patented platform for distributed radiology is bringing improved access to high quality radiology in emerging markets. Lifetrack was selected as winner of the Red Herring Asia 100 Awards in September 2016. Previously, he was the founder and CEO of MxSecure, a pioneer in healthcare BPO services, with operations in the Philippines and headquarters in the USA. MxSecure was acquired in late 2012 by M*Modal, the global leader in clinical documentation solutions. He also served as a founding trustee of the Healthcare Information Management Association of the Philippines (HIMAP) and is a founding trustee of the Analytics Association of the Philippines (AAP), and is co-founder and CEO of Medcode, Inc, a provider of Health Information Management certification training. Mr. Christie has practiced a life-long passion for embracing transformative technologies, taking leadership roles in multiple industries with companies like Motorola, Philips, and Linfinity Microelectronics. Mr. Christie is a graduate of Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. Today, digital has a place in almost all major business functions – strategy, marketing, sales, customer relations, R&D. Mr. Christie, as Dean/Director of Digital Transformation, leads our journey as we shift and transform Enderun’s academic programs and business processes. He is working with the academic leadership team in innovating what we teach, and how we teach, our students to effectively prepare them for careers and industries of the future.