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In an increasingly digital world, a vast majority of organizations are investing heavily in data analytics to stay ahead of their competitors. This is evidenced by the fact that the global data analytics market size CAGR is projected to hit 25 percent from 2021 to 2030. As a result, there are a significant number of data analytics positions available worldwide. This presents an incredible opportunity for many
Keep in mind, however, that career transitions don’t simply happen overnight. This is especially true given the required technical and professional skills necessary to succeed in a career in data analytics. If you are serious about making a career shift into data analytics, here are a few steps you should take:

Research how data analytics is used in your industry

Data analytics doesn’t pertain to a specific or stand-alone field. Data analytics can be applied to virtually any industry, from marketing to construction and everything in between. As such, analytical roles and responsibilities can vary wildly depending on the context of your current industry.
Carefully assess common challenges or problems your company or your industry as a whole faces on the regular. What data would you look at in order to diagnose these problems and how will you use that information to pinpoint a solution?

Take up coding / learn more coding languages

The ability to read, write, and analyze data and codes is one of the most important skills a data analyst must possess. This is where having a background in IT or computer science can be a huge advantage. If you already have some coding experience, try to branch out and learn other coding languages. Some of the most commonly used languages include SQL, Python, and R.
Don’t fret though if you don’t have any coding experience. There are many different classes and seminars that teach beginners how to code. The best part is that when you’ve learned how to code in one language, learning new ones is easier as you already have a foundation to work with.

Sign up for certification training

Although certification is not a prerequisite to becoming a data analyst, holding professional certification can definitely give your CV and your chances of getting hired without previous analytical experience a huge boost! Online certification courses, such as the Microsoft Future-Ready Courses: Data Analytics program offered by Enderun Extension, are a great way to further develop the skills necessary to find success in the world of data analytics. Holding a certification in data analytics proves to would-be employers how serious you are about shifting careers. Similarly, a globally recognized certification from Microsoft can open opportunities to work in data analytics in a foreign country should you wish to go that route.