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Learning Project Management

Project managers are the experts or professionals in handling an entire project of a company or business. They are responsible for taking care of the ins and outs of projects, including the team members.
Project management involves excellent skills, knowledge, and usage of different tools like project trackers to successfully meet the completion and achievement of the goals. It also involves critical planning, managing, and organizing all resources to execute a plan or project.
Pursuing a career in project management may be difficult without proper knowledge, especially if you lack practical work experience. However, having no prior experience in this field doesn’t mean a guaranteed failure. Even top project managers started from the bottom of the ladder before they became the managers of big-time projects.

Taking Project Management Certification

For beginners, having the desire to pursue and learn more about project management is critical. It is the stepping stone to becoming a project manager, after all. If you aspire to become one of these professionals, but are worried because you lack experience and confidence in your skills, then taking a certification course will help.
Many institutions offer online certificate programs in project management. One of the more highly regarded certifications budding project managers can achieve is the CAPM® certification. Taking this online course and passing the examination would bring a huge leap to your starting career as a professional project manager.
CAPM® certification, like the one offered through Enderun Extension’s Certified Associate in Project Management program, is the ideal option to take early on in your project management career. Successfully completing this certification will ensure your capabilities as a project manager.
Here are the benefits of taking Enderun Extension’s CAPM® certification to help compensate for lack of experience in the project management field:

1. CAPM® Certification equips you with the necessary knowledge and skills

As a project manager with little experience, your current knowledge and skills may not be up to par with the industry standards and best practices. Fortunately, taking a certification course can help you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.
Certification courses are often taught by experts from either the certifying body or those who have already achieved certification themselves. As such, the subject matter covered throughout the program is taught in a way that develops your own management, organization, communication, and leadership skills. In theory, graduates from the course will develop the same skill set of their more experienced peers. This leads to actual work opportunities that will help you build practical experience in project management, rounding out your resume and career.

2. CAPM® Certification will bring credibility to your skills

Companies might be wary about hiring a project manager with no justified and proven skills. With little experience, it is hard to elevate yourself and stand out among other project managers applying for the same position. If you want to be noticed by the companies, then being a certified project manager through taking CAPM® online course will bring you credibility.
CAPM® is one of the most well-known project management certifications in the world. It is common knowledge that it takes a significant amount of dedication and skill to acquire this certification. As a CAPM® holder, you essentially advertise yourself as someone with the skills and determination to succeed.
Certification has a way of validating your skills and drive. This alone already helps your CV standout from the pile of resumes on a hiring manager’s desk.

3. CAPM® Certification is a confidence booster

Even if you lack experience, passing the CAPM® certification exam is a huge achievement. Not many people can say that they’ve achieved CAPM® certification, which can serve as a huge boost to your confidence in terms of being capable of handling the challenges and pressure that come with project management.
Taking the online course will help you learn how to communicate and lead like a seasoned professional project manager. It will also focus on improving your skills in managing business finances and projects. Passing the global certification only means that you’re the real deal even with a lack of experience. Given all of this, companies can be confident in hiring you because you have the justification of your skills and knowledge in tools, techniques, and other necessary disciplines as a project manager.

4. CAPM® Certification will give you recognition

Earning a highly regarded certificate like CAPM® will undoubtedly help companies and other professional project managers recognize you. Of course, this recognition isn’t limited to just the Philippines. Passing the global entry-level project management certification may also open international job opportunities you otherwise never would have thought possible.
Companies and other organizations all over the world are always looking for highly skilled professionals, especially when it comes to building teams that will handle crucial projects. Holding a CAPM® certificate will help you land more opportunities to lead and manage significant projects even with little experience.