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Data science plays a large role in the success of nearly every business in today’s modern world. After all, nearly every type of company gathers data in one way or another. This is why data professionals are in such high demand today. In fact, the demand is so high that you may be considering transitioning to a career in data analytics. If so, here are a few tips to help make that transition easier for you:

Understand Which Field of Data Science Works Best with Your Current Skill Set

There are many different careers in data science. Aside from data analysts, there are also data engineers, data scientists, data stewards, and more. Naturally, all these roles handle data in some form or fashion, but they all have their specializations. For example, a data engineer designs and constructs data structures, which requires a lot of coding. It may be a good idea to find the right data career based on your current skill set. This makes it easier to transition into your new career as you already have a foundation to work with, allowing you to focus more time in areas you lack.

Learn How to Code Efficiently

Not all careers in data analytics will ask you to code programs day in and day out. However, most careers will require you to have an understanding of the code used. There are many books and learning programs designed for beginners and people with experience alike. It’s just a matter of creating time to work on your coding skills. Spending even just five to six hours a week learning how to code goes a long way in building your coding skills and your confidence.

Ask if Your Company Offers Data Analytics Training

If you are working in a large company, there’s a good chance that they offer employees some form of data analytics training. If your company doesn’t offer this, but has several data scientists on-board, you may want to try hanging out with them so they can pass on insights and tips. Simply hanging around data scientists can help change your mindset, allowing you to think like a data professional.

Enroll in a Microsoft Certification Course

If you are really interested in going through formal training, there are many data analytics courses available to you. One of the best ones, however, is to take a Microsoft Certification Course. This is because completing the course provides you with an internationally recognized certification, something that will undoubtedly open career opportunities for you here and abroad. Enderun Extension, in particular, offers Microsoft Certification courses for both beginners and those with a bit of experience in coding and other related fields.