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Nowadays, “going green” goes beyond just the manufacturing and hospitality industries. Nearly every industry in the world can benefit from implementing sustainability initiatives, including the events planning and management industry.

Planning an event with sustainability at the forefront may seem difficult, especially if this is the first time you’ve had to do this. Fortunately, there are many simple ways you can improve the sustainability aspect of events you manage in the future. Here are a few eco-friendly ideas you may want to implement during your next project:

Select an eco-friendly venue

One of the quickest ways to improve the sustainability of your event is to choose a venue that already has several green initiatives in place. This is actually easier than you think since many event establishments are making an effort to be more conscientious toward the environment. Simply ask what eco-friendly features the event space has and management would be more than happy to discuss in detail.

Get rid of single-use plastics

Avoid the use of plastic dishes and utensils and opt for a real cutlery set. Not only do you save the environment from the post-event chunks for disposal but also you actualize an event that is more polished and sophisticated.

Swap printed for digital

You would not want to waste time and money on pretty, stationary invites only to find out that these will be left out anywhere, most horribly in the garbage. With digital technology, e-invites are now a trend, are less fussy and mobile-friendly. Your guests do not have to worry about forgetting their e-invites since they can easily access them on their phones which they usually bring all the time.

Opt for LED lighting

LED lights have better quality of light distribution and are known to be 80% more efficient than traditional lighting Thus, the use of fewer lights reduces energy consumption. When there is less energy used, greenhouse gas emissions decrease. Therefore, it will be a benefit to the environment. LED lights also have no toxic substances which avoids time implications required for disposal.

Consider group transportation

It is recommended to advise your guests to come in groups. Note that the more cars you use, the higher the amount of carbon trail will be. Plan ahead and emphasize the advantages of going in groups. The idea also increases excitement since your guests will be coming together.

Align the menu and attendees ahead

According to the UN, yearly food wastage in rich countries is almost equal to the total net food produced in sub-Saharan Africa. To avoid food waste, it is essential to plan the menu according to the number of estimated attendees. You can also consider using buffet service because it has the means to increase the satisfaction of your guests while limiting food wastage.

Communicate your green message

Tell your guests of your environmental initiatives that they become aware of it. Make sure to include the messaging on the e-invites, programs, or any event materials you made. Inform them as to where the bins are located and what items are recyclable and reusable.

Utilize a waste management program

We know the tremendous waste events generate. By merely providing recycling bins that are correctly labeled, it will be easier for your guests to segregate. If this is properly planned, it will help guests to determine the reduce, reuse and recycle principle.

Having all these eco-friendly ways considered will surely make your event a successful one. As a matter of fact, implementing these sustainability practices gives you a step ahead on taking care of the environment. Also, if you want to venture into this kind of industry, there are events planning classes that you can sign up for. Enderun Extension, the continuing education arm of Enderun Colleges, offers events management certification course that enable industry practitioners to become academically prepared and globally competitive.