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When someone mentions “data analytics”, most people envision someone inside a server room in some I.T. company in Silicon Valley. Although the companies that hire the most data analysts and data scientists do reside in Silicon Valley, the truth is that completing data analytics training and/or completing a Microsoft Certification course opens a variety of job opportunities in a wide range of industries. In fact, many industries are using data analytics extensively. Some of these industries might even surprise you with how they use data analytics!

Here are some of the industries that could use more people who have graduated from a data analytics course:


Data analytics has become an emerging trend in the construction industry across the world. Predictive and analytical models have helped construction firms track a variety of information, including average time required to complete certain progress markers and material waste expenses. This provides decision-makers with unique insights that allow them to address inefficiencies and create new initiatives that help complete projects in record time and well within budget.


One of the best examples of data analytics in transportation are services like Grab and Uber. These companies use complex algorithms to match drivers with their passengers. Similarly, airline carriers have leveraged data analytics to help them provide a more personalized experience for frequent flyers by collecting a database of previous travel history, seat preferences, and more.


The healthcare industry has benefited immensely from the use of data science. Thanks to the data infrastructure created, doctors around the world are able to share patient records, treatment plans, and findings with each other within seconds. Healthcare institutions, on the other hand, are able to better assess the performance of their doctors and nurses, helping them identify ways to improve the quality of care they provide to their patients.


How can numbers possibly help someone improve/maintain their fitness? Thanks to the development of apps, users are able to gain better insights on their fitness levels and the effectiveness of their workout routines.All of this data also helps trainers digest more information about their clients and rework routines to provide people a more efficient way to achieve their fitness goals. As a data analyst, you’ll help code and interpret data for thousands of app users worldwide.

These are only a few examples. Given how extensively technology and data are used in everyday life, nearly every industry relies on data analytics in one way or another. If helping industries become more efficient and changing the lives of millions of people worldwide is something you find interesting, you should definitely consider enrolling in data analytics for beginners and start your journey into the world of data science.