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Apart from learning a new language, taking foreign language courses have many benefits including memory refinement, mind sharpening, and improvement in other work and academic areas. Learning Mandarin is a language that is considered to be difficult and quite daunting, but learning it together with a couple of friends or co-workers can put you more at ease and increase your chances of picking up the language quicker and better. Here are some of the advantages that you will benefit from when taking language courses, such as a Mandarin class, when you are in a group.

It’s More Fun

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, taking a foreign language course as a group can make it more interesting and exciting. Being among other people will also act as a gauge for you to see your learning progress when you have some points and areas to make comparisons. Working in groups can also break up the monotony that you can experience from individual studies, plus you have people who you can discuss with and share experiences with.

They Keep You Motivated

Taking a foreign language course with a group of friends can very much push you to do better and study harder. If you are someone who does not enjoy studying, being surrounded by people who exert effort in learning a new language will also push you and motivate you to try and strive to learn and put in the same effort.

You Can Learn Faster

Studies have shown that learning in groups can actually enable individuals to learn faster and grasp concepts better. You have people to compare notes with, clarify confusions with and learn new things with. And most importantly, for a language class, you have people who you can practice speaking with. The quickest way to learn a new language is through practice and application, which you can easily do with you friends and groupmates. Group learning also helps you avoid procrastination, which therefore pushes your learning time and efforts ahead.

Develops your EQ and Social Skills

Being in a group Mandarin class, or any other study group for that matter, allows you to develop and improve your emotional intelligence or EQ, and your social skills. Instead of studying alone, being in a group encourages you to interact with others and allows you to inspire or be inspired by your groupmates. So before you enrol yourself in a foreign language course, try asking your friends, coworkers or family, if they want to join you too!

If you are interested in group classes, foreign language centers like, The Study, offer group classes for all ages. Alternatively, you and a group of your friends may also choose to engage in private group classes.This gives you all the advantages of studying a foreign language as a group, while helping you feel more relaxed since you already know the people in your class.