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Is Taking a Culinary Course Required to Open Your Own Restaurant?

Opening a restaurant is one of the most popular forms of starting a business. After all, the demand for new places that serve excellent food is ever-present. The best part is that almost anyone can choose to open their very own restaurant, even if your previous work experience isn’t related to the hospitality industry.
If you are coming from a background that is not related to the restaurant industry, you may be wondering if you should take a quick course at one of the top culinary schools in the Philippines like Enderun Colleges. Although holding a diploma or bachelor’s degree in the Culinary Arts is not a prerequisite to starting a restaurant, this experience can prove to be invaluable when setting up your own restaurant.
How can earning a Diploma in Culinary Arts from the best culinary school in Manila help you start a successful eatery?

1. You Expose Yourself to Different Types of Cuisine

Many would-be restaurateurs will have an idea of what type of cuisine they would like to serve in their establishment when it opens. However, it’s a good idea to expose yourself to different types of cuisine, and attending a culinary course is one of the best ways to do just that. You may just discover new ideas for your restaurant in terms of pairing different cuisine together. Similarly, you may find that a particular type of cuisine suits your business plan better or that one cuisine may be more profitable than another one.

2. You Learn from People Who Have Experience in Successful Restaurants

As the old saying goes: “good artists copy, great artists steal”. Most of the top culinary schools employ educators with a significant amount of experience. In many cases, a good number of educators are also still running their own successful restaurants on the side. This is the best time to establish connections and pick their brains for what makes a restaurant successful. Additionally, your culinary course will also include an internship period, allowing you to observe first-hand exactly how a thriving restaurant operates.

3. You Familiarize Yourself with More Than Just Cooking Skills

Culinary courses also aim to teach its students the business side of the restaurant industry, which is perfect since not all restaurateurs plan to work in the kitchen. Culinary Arts students are often taught the ins and outs of menu creation, marketing, inventory management, just to name a few. Some courses will also offer optional training programs like ServSafe certification to help round out culinary classes and prepare students for when they decide to strike it out on their own and start their own restaurants.

4. You Connect with People You May Want to Include in Your Team

One of the keys to starting a successful business is hiring a talented team that you can trust–and what better way to do that than by hiring a team of former classmates from the best culinary school in Manila? During your time studying, you’ll also meet other talented aspiring chefs. This gives you a chance to evaluate certain students and see how they would fit in your business plan. You may even meet someone who would make a fantastic business partner.
Taking a course prior to opening your very own restaurant may not be “required”, but there are definitely a few key advantages of signing up for one. Enderun Extension offers a variety of culinary short courses, including a Diploma in Culinary Arts. Enderun Extension also offers other culinary-related short courses, including ServSafe certification and WSET certification.